"Art Galleries refer to me as a photographer, but Photographers refer to me as an Artist!"
    John Neville Cohen.

    "..regarded as one of Britain's most original photographers" The Times.

    "A woman's face was exquisitely metamorphosed with the cup of a yellow tulip - a Femme - Fleur Picasso might have perpetrated had he taken to photography” Arts Revue.

    John's pictures really make quite a statement! They add a bright new dimension to any wall. Sophisticated, original, always a talking point, they intrigue, yet remain intelligible to all.

    Limited to editions of only 8, they have great investment potential too! Not yet one of the big names, but his exhibitions to date are impressive. Now is the best time for astute buyers to buy, considering how unique his pure photographic technique and his concepts really are. http://www.artist-john-cohen.net

    A keen collector with Trudy, John designed and published 'The Cohen Collection' of Asian antiques (645 colour photos) of fine Japanese and Chinese antique; netsuke, inro, ojime, snuff bottles, pendants & jade carvings. All fully described by renowned experts Neil K. Davey + Robert Hall. An essential reference work for the serious collector and easy to use. Also John's father's out of print book 'In Search of Netsuke and Inro' by George Cohen is fully included at http://www.jncohen.com

    John has written a number of articles for new collectors providing, invaluable information for collectors of Asian antiques. He describes how to avoid the most common mistakes when buying Asian antiques, particularly netsuke, inro, snuff bottles and jade. http://www.jncohen.net/antiques/articles.htm

    A Free 'Special Effects' pure Photographic Course is available about his invented way of 'Painting with Light'. It still is amazing to see what can be done, without any expensive equipment, computer, or darkroom, with both film or digital cameras, everything has been achieved with projectors - the projector really is a magical, magic lantern! http://www.jncohen.net/photmagi/actual.html


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    Painting With Light – Present
    I am currently producing large (150cm longest side) original pictures created as limited editions for sale worldwide. Each of these pictures were first created by my unique method of 'Painting With Light', since then I have improved, or in some cases created a totally new digital version. They are all mounted on aluminum bonded with 6mm acrylic glass and appear to float off the wall (no frame is really required). You can choose any size you wish for each picture (but they are restricted to just 8 regardless of the size).

    Most Recent Quotes: -

    "John N. Cohen's artwork incorporates several genres--ready-made objects, digital photography and Impressionist style of light painting - to create a striking and surreal effect that has a strong impact upon the viewer." Claudia Moscovici

    "I think the pictures are stunning"
    Simon Dolan - SJD Accountancy. UK

    "I love your work. It is quite unique and inventive, painterly too."
    Barney Davey - Publishes books, newsletters, blogs and presents workshops and seminars for visual artists.

    Sometimes the desired picture's colours just do not fit in with the décor. So I am prepared, without any obligation, to create a new picture, especially for you, based on the picture of your choice, but this new study will then feature any predominant colour required. Your more discerning clients will appreciate that each picture will still be a John Neville Cohen original work of art that will have far more value, than just a manipulated copy print taken from a painting. To see what can be achieved please see: -

    I also offer my photography for decorative design as part of a product (where the picture is incorporated as an essential part of the product). As an example see the 'worktop savers' at http://www.jncohen.net/photo2/0-APD.htm#product
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    Jacey Homes Ltd

    M.D. – Present
    I created this company and organised all the funding. My associate and I built an estate of 10 high quality four bedroom homes. Later we gradually purchased properties to form a city centre location site with the concept for an important redevelopment. Our aim was to gain outline planning permission and then to sell it on.
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    Actuality Photodigital

    Sole Proprietor – Sep 2000
    A photographic and graphic design studio specialising in product photography, promotional literature and new concepts, but particularly in special effects.
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    Jacey Cinemas Ltd

    Director – Oct 1981
    Controlling Cinemas from Edinburgh to Brighton with 5 in the West End of London

    I was responsible for the 'Front of House' publicity, all promotion and publicity. Also for creating the brand name and logo for the Jacey Group of companies.
  • My Motto

    "It is such fascinating fun, to achieve what is considered impossible."


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    Greenmore College, Birmingham

    Describe your studies, involvements, and accomplishments at this school.
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    Beaconsfield Jewish boarding school, Frant, Sussex

    Describe your studies, involvements, and accomplishments at this school.
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    Beaconsfield, then Greenmore College, Birmingham

    Describe your studies, involvements, and accomplishments at this school.


    1. The History of Jacey Cinemas.
    2. Articles to Help Collectors of Asian Antiques.
    3. A 'How To' Article on Pure Photographic Special Effects.

    Antique Japanese Netsuke, Inro and Lacquer

    A Keen Collector Over Many Years.

    Antique Chinese Snuff Bottles, Pendants and Jade

    A Keen Collector Over Many Years.

    'Painting With Light'
    an Invented Unique Form of Pure Photography

    Creating Large Limited Edition Prints - Limited to Just 8 Per Picture.

    Contemporary Photographic Art

    Creating Large Limited Edition Prints - Limited to Just 8 Per Picture.

    Property Development

    Built an estate of ten houses and a new road in the Midlands UK.  Also set up a redevelopment scheme in the historic Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham.

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    John Doe
    (Job Title)

    I fully recommend John N. Cohen – it is rare to see someone with who brings such enthusiasm and initiative to any project. Our team performance benefited greatly from John N. Cohen’s dedicated work ethic, creative skills, and flexibility of thinking.
  • Terms & Conditions


    Note because of the growing number of Internet scams: All payments are only acceptable through PayPal. Delivery is only to the confirmed, or validated address as registered with your PayPal account.

    Otherwise, you can buy only with this Escrow.com and we share all the costs. Western Union Transfers will not be considered.

    Terms & Conditions

    (1.1) Any picture purchased, is sold on the clear understanding, that if it is not right for the purchaser (for whatever reason) a full refund will be made on the safe return in perfect condition (within two weeks of the delivery).

    (1.2) Only the return cost of the delivery and insurance is not included.

    (1.3) The picture is only to be returned by the same form of delivery, in the original special packaging (using all of the protective materials) securely wrapped, fully insured and packaged.

    (1.4) Also that this right is restricted to 2 individual works per buyer, per year.

    (2.2) Any damage on receipt; such as scratches, chips, marks, or cracks shall all be considered equivalent to a total loss.

    (2.3) This will then be an insurance claim, a detailed report of any such damage, by email is required immediately, no later than within 2 days of delivery. It would be helpful if you could include a photo of the damage.

    (2.4) If you have already received the work before you notice any damage, please contact me as soon as possible.

    (2.5) To clean or dust your picture use a non-fluffy, soft, dry towel (a microfiber, for example) and avoid putting pressure on the surface whilst wiping. Under no circumstances use any glass cleaning products on the acrylic glass.

    (3.1) An order shall represent an offer to contract. Once you make an order and you are in receipt of an e-mail specifying the details and confirming receipt of your order, from that point, there is confirmation that a contract of sale exists.

    (3.2) Delivery will be within a maximum of 5 weeks, but often it is delivered much sooner.

    (3.3) It will be packed and delivered flat.

    (3.4) Any order received is subject to these terms having been read, understood and agreed.

    (4.1) Any import tax would be at the buyer's liability (and is not included in the price).

    (4.2) You are responsible for purchasing Goods which you are lawfully able to import and for the payment of import duties and taxes of any kind levied in your country of residence.

    (5.1) John Neville Cohen retains the copyright of the picture.

    (5.2) No reproduction (copying), distribution, leasing, public disclosure, or other analogue, or digital use is permitted by the purchaser, without prior written consent from John Neville Cohen.

    (5.3) The presentation at public exhibitions also requires consent from the artist.

    (5.4) You may, subject to these copyright conditions, sell the picture on at your discretion.


    (6.1) All descriptions, colours and sizes of the pictures are as indicated on our web site, although some very minor variations may occur during manufacture. Accordingly, any such description shall not form part of this Agreement.

    (6.2) These pictures do have a very long colour life 75 to 100 years colour-fastness and luminosity, but it is important that they be treated the same way as watercolour paintings and never displayed in direct sun light.

    (7) There is no obligation to collect, or recover Goods from you, but if it becomes necessary all costs incurred will be payable by you.

    (8) No liability is accepted for any breach of the obligations, resulting from causes beyond any reasonable control including any strikes.

    (9) Preferred payment is by PayPal or by Escrow.

    (10) Although any size can be provided the total limit of 8 will still apply. But the right is retained by John Neville Cohen to also reproduce these pictures, as only very small size prints (such as for greeting cards).